Blessings for Pets (and other Creatures)

“O Supreme Spirit of Creation, from Your sacred breath came forth birds and beasts, fish and fowl, creatures of such variety and beauty that we are continuously amazed at Your divine imagination. These children of Yours have been blessed by You, their Creator, with simplicity, beauty and a cosmic purpose. They have been blessed as


Healing Hearts with God’s Love

An Interview with Father Matthew Linn Matthew Linn works with his brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Sheila, as a team to focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness. Matt, in partnership with Dennis and Sheila, has taught the process of healing in over 50 countries and in many universities and hospitals. With the coauthoring of


Counting Our Blessings!

Bless the children–the bloom of health, The bloom of growth, The bloom of cheer, The bloom of innocence, Shine forth from thee. Bless the children–the grace of the deer, The grace of the wren, The grace of the swan, The grace of the lamb, Move thy limbs. Bless the chidren–the sword of Michael, The armor


Simply Sharing!

Simply Sharing means to find it the “empty spaces” in ourselves and remember that if we just fill them up with whatever brings us the greatest joy and focus on gratitude, then we can hopefully  discover “abundance” which we can share with others. In the spirit of abundance rather than poverty, the “loaves and fishes”