Lessons in Loving Family

Lessons in Loving Family Exodus 20:12: “Honor your father and your mother…” (NET) Recently, I have experienced something new and heartbreaking that has taught me much about loving family. Our family has had to move our mother into an assisted living community. While it is the best thing for her safety and her health, it


Training Our Children Through Crèches

One of our family’s favorite places to visit is the beach, and we visit multiple times per year. On a recent trip to the beach, I noticed something that reminded me of family and the various family combinations. While walking along the seashore and looking into the ocean, there was a group of birds sitting


Fall: A Season of Change

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1New International Version (NIV)   September brings many changes in our household.  We celebrate five birthdays, some of us return to work, and all of us enjoy watching the lush green leaves turn to the rich golden color of fall. 


FaithShapes! Family: Peace in the Midst of Activity

Like many families who live near the mountains, our family vision of peace includes snow-covered lawns, ice covered trees, brisk weather, hot beverages and conversation.  When the children were young, we spent much time watching the snow drift toward earth, making snow angels, sledding, and of course making snow cream.  We would enjoy the snowy


The True Meaning of Joy

The True Meaning of Joy   As a teacher educator, I see most of life through the eyes of a book or some educational experience.  One of my favorite concepts to teach prospective teachers is the value of understanding the meanings and origins of the words we read.  Frequently, we read words and automatically attach


Lessons about Sharing Goodness

Holidays are most certainly for family.  We share gifts, food, stories of long past events, and most importantly time with those whom we love most.  We see goodness in family members and others everywhere we look.  What could be more fun? Enjoying family includes many opportunities for modeling and teaching how to share this goodness


Lessons from the Sea

Summer is officially here!  School is out, and we can take a break from work obligations.   It is time for vacations and enjoying our families.  This doesn’t mean that we stop learning.  It means that we can learn about things we enjoy in places where we want to be with our family.  One might be


Summer-A Time for Family

“But Jesus withdrew himself with His disciples to the sea…”  Mark 6:7 (KJV) Summer is a time for family.  It is a time to rest removing ourselves from the stresses of work or school and focus on deepening our family relationships.  One of the best ways to strengthen the family bond is through family vacations. 


Who is St. Patrick?

St. Patrick is one of the world’s most popular saints with his feast day, March 17, being celebrated all over the world. Because of the time and place he lived in, 387-461, not much is really known about his life and what is known has been exaggerated over the years to make it hard to


FaithShapes! Family: Christmas Traditions

…”this is my name (LORD) forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.  Exodus 3:15b  NIV This month at FaithShapes, the focus is on “letting our traditions shine”—and what better time to think about traditions than at Christmas.  Perhaps you already observe some established traditions during this season; but, if not,